Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The first of many...

This is the first blog I have ever had so I will nourish it as best I can. This will be a compendium of literature that I have read and will post with each book i finish and try and explore what the book meant to me. This is a difficult task to do. For example, some books are just not that interesting to me, but I have that tendency to finish reading the book if I have already started. One of the more arduous books I have read with very little pleasure was Ulysses. How do I say what this book meant to me other than an overlong novel that distracted me from reading maybe three or four far more enjoyable Faulkner novels. Occasionally I will read a book that is considered sacred canon in order to say I have read it, and sometimes the book just isn't worth it. Joyce being a very common example. This year I am going to try and read those books with the most "sentence and solace".

Another reason, and more childish reason to start this blog is a competition with Susan Bybee. I plan on reading more books/pages than her this year. Frankly i think it is unfair as I will have a job his summer which is extremely conducive to reading. Let the reading begin.